Posted 04.08.2010

Writing Content for your Blog

Develop a posting rhythm

I recommend posting 3-4 times a week. Post on the same days, too. (Obviously, I’m following my own advice note the sarcasm ). It’s hard. Blogging is hard. There are so many blogs that have been started with good intentions and quickly been abandoned that you need the consistency to tell your readers you’re not going anywhere, otherwise, they’re not going to take the time to invest in what you’re doing.

Coming up with content.

Based on a Problogger survey, the number one reason that people stop following blogs is because of (consistently) bad content. It has nothing to do with frequency and everything to do with quality. (I know, it seems to contradict my last point)

Fantastic. I’m not a copywriter. I hate English. Me too. So what do I do? I work at it. That’s all I can do. In the end, I think it’s worth the effort. I’ll get better. I’ll be, not only a better writer, but a better communicator. Build a bridge.

One of my favorite bloggers, Chris Brogan, has several great posts on his site about coming up with stellar content.

Problogger also has several excellent articles for getting started

Problogger also has a book: 31 Days to a Better Blog. This is a great place to start. At the end of 31 days, you’ll have a habit.

Quality over Quantity

Let’s be honest, as user’s we’re selfish. When we go to a site, we want to learn something. Even personal blogs that we’re reading. We want to learn something about the author. We want to build a relationship and stay connected. As a writer what does that mean? Write stuff that matters. Use this as an opportunity to make a difference, be someone of influence. Don’t copy what everyone else is writing. Find your own voice…and use it!