Posted 06.24.2010

06.24.2010 // 5 at 5(pm)

Matthew Lyons Illustrations

I love these illustrations by Matthew Lyons — the simple shapes, textures, retro feel, color washes….need I go on?

30 Most Influential Bloggers and Website Owners of 2010
This was an interesting list. It’s didn’t surprise me that Darren Rowse was listed as number 1 (He started I think Gary Vaynerchuk (Started Wine Library TV and published a book,

Crush It) should be

higher than 27 and Chris Brogan didn’t even make the list.

(While I was trying to find a picture of Darren Rowse, I found someone else’s list of the 15 most influential bloggers of 2010. They included a few more key people: Seth Godin and [Guy Kawasaki] Number 15 is lame, though…it says you.)

An Introduction to Using Patterns in Web Design
This one was written a long time ago (October 5, 2004). In Internet time, that’s light years ago! But, I think it’s still a good read, even if you’ve already read it. It talks about the design of the “My Account” page for a 37Signals site.

Actually, a blog post from ilovecolors led me to that link. There are several other fantastic resources listed for better interface design:

jQuery TRNSFR – a Transmit Inspired Progress Bar

Progress Bar
If you’ve seen the awesome Panic Transmit Progress bar, then you’ll appreciate this jQuery plugin which is generate the same effect on your site.

Bootstrapping a Startup
This is a long list of business startup articles. — Hours of fun, light reading, I’m sure.


Posted 06.24.2010

Daily Photo :: Staged photo shoot at Union

This is another picture from the photo shoot that we held at Union University, in Jackson, TN at camp.

We had trouble shooting worship Tuesday night because the lighting was so bad and we couldn’t get in kids’ faces (talk about distracting and irreverent). So, yesterday, during free time, four different church groups volunteered to come in. We set up the lights the way we wanted them and went to work. The kids were great!


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06.23.2010 // 5 at 5(PM)

I’ve yet to really dig into CSS3, (aside from embedding fonts) just because it’s not supported across the board. However, I’ve been collecting links and resources so I can get caught up. Smashing Magazine recently published a post. Here are a few others from my collection:


Currently, there’s a lot of attention around John Hick’s site redesign, and rightfully so. At first glance, it just looks nice, which it is…but just resize your browser…the number of columns varies depending on how wide your browser is. Large screens? 4 columns. Mobile browser? 1. Anything in between, 2 or 3. Beautiful! If you’re interested in applying the same concept to one of your sites (which I am), he references an A List Apart article, Responsive Web Design.

I’m already a huge fan of Sarah Roads’ photography work, so, I really enjoyed reading her interview with Fuel Your Photography. Check out her work too, at (her site is beautiful!)

Apparently, Sarah and her husband, Chris, put together an intro about themselves:

I’m a huge fan of Chris Brogan, I’ve referenced him in other posts before (Developing a Strategy and Writing Content for your Blog). Here’s one of his latest on Twitter tips = a lot of good advice.

This is a good post by Fuel your blogging. There are several traps mentioned that I fall into, especially: comments equal community, build it and they will come,  and great content is all you need.