Posted 07.25.2009

Posted 07.25.2009

My Elevator Pitch

The Dilemma

During the month of April, Pro Blogger had a series of blog posts: 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge. I thought, “This is great!” However, I didn’t make it much further than Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Blog. For the past (almost) 4 months, I keep coming back to, “What do I want this blog to be?” So far, I’ve posted things that inspire me. However, my most successful posts have been original content. (Well, really, just The Ultimate Workspace Setup).

The End Goal

Like most blogs and social media solutions these days, I (simply) want to continue the conversation.

The Elevator Pitch for the lazy guy that rides the elevator 1 floor is everything me.—not in a narcissist way, but everything that I find interesting, be it photography, graphic design, video, programming, gadgets, productivity, and my personal adventures.—the part of me that I want to share.

The Elevator Pitch for the person that is going where I am and will walk and talk

One of the things that I’ve struggled with in my search for the perfect job is finding a place that will allow me to work in a variety of mediums—print, web, video, motion graphics, photography, programming, etc. Most companies would like to shove me into one category. Things are neater that way. Its certainly easier to define and explain on the org chart. However, the price is burn out. I’ve found that the blog world is much the same way. Pick one thing. Focus on that niche, otherwise, by trying to please everyone, you will please no one.—So, I’ll take that risk.

This blog is about the things that inspire me, the beautiful things in the world. Some days, that comes in the form of logic. Writing beautiful code. Getting a program to work the way I imagined, serving an intended purpose. Some days it’s photography. One moment. Captured. Lighting and Shadow. Composition. Frozen. Some days it’s a fleeting thought. The thought that creates conversation and stirs ideas, pushing the imagination forward. The powerful questions: Why? What if? How? Some days it’s typography. The shapes that letters create—both negative and positive space. Not just words, but visual communication. How they are displayed in print, web, and video.—How those 3 very different mediums can work together to accomplish 1 common goal. If anything, this blog will challenge.