Posted 08.05.2008


After being beat out by Amy Haywood’s Chemistry Class for years, I finally reached the top spot on Google when you search amy haywood. I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment!

The thing is, I had everything going for me…or I guess the opposite could be said, I had everything going against me. Let me explain.

I’ve had my domain name for 7 years. That counts for quite a bit. There are not many domain names that have actually been around that long. That’s what was going for me.

But my old site was going against me. On the home page (a.k.a. the most important page), all the page content was locked up in image files. Just as badly, there was no textual information to reinforce the meta data that I’d created.

I redesigned my site a few weeks back, but his weekend took an hour to write an XML sitemap and dig through Google’s Web Master Tools…what a fantastic resource! And the thing is, I was amazed at how simple the whole process was.

Google’s documentation is pretty solid.

I uploaded my sitemap to my server, told Google where it was at. Done.

I was simply amazed at the difference that the Sitemap made. Basically, all you do is specify what your links are, how often you update them, and their priority.

There’s some other great resources out there.